About French version

Between Morcheeba, Massive Attack and Cocorosie, Scampi offers a suspended space between a sweet voice, a ukulélé, a guzheng and organic dark and sensual sounds, between minimalism and sophistication.
Influenced by hip hop, world music, progressive rock, on a trip hop background, "Do You Know Yourself ?" turns a new page on Scampi’s story.


First alone, then in trio and today in duet – Scampi Evolved a lot since her ukulélé covers.
As authentic as she was before, she keeps on exploring, with her acolyte Jules, the artistic possibilities that flow through her.
Two years went by since the release of their last EP, since then Scampi's music changed and evolved into something new.
"Do You Know Yourself ?" is a wide spectrum of Scampi's music, marked by highlighted moments and also a dark side. From day to night, light to dense, minimal to heavy, just like an introspective journey, "Do You Know Yourself ?" is an invitation to go through parts of our innerself that we thought unhabited and takes you through an intimate sensory experience yet so universal. On stage, it’s as a duet that Scampi expresses music.


Paloma (30) | Épicerie Moderne (69) | Rock’n Poche festival (74) | Printemps de Bourges (scène région) 2016 | Belle Électrique (38) | La Tannerie (01) | Bus Palladuim - Paris | Boule Noire - Paris | Le Fil (42) | Les Abattoirs (38( | Festival Les Pluriels (76) | Marché Gare (69) | Botanique (BE) | Lasemo festival (BE)...


SCAMPI | singer, ukulélé, guzheng, keyboard
JULES BARRAS | drums - sampler - backing vocals